The Cloud Inventory Management System: Everything You Need to Know

The cloud inventory management software help you manage and organize your inventory in real-time! Read this article and discover more about the cloud-based inventory management systems!

Finally, there is a solution to all of your inventory problems. You can track your inventory in real time with a depth of detail, unsurpassed accuracy, and traceability. The solution we are talking about is known as a cloud inventory management system.

Here are some of the qualities this inventory management system offers:

  • Advanced Traceability – You can complete traceability on all of your inventory and have a piece of mind.
  • Barcoding – By using cloud inventory management system you can make your data more accurate and time.
  • Shipping and Receiving – You can integrate your shipping and receiving processes to save both time and money.
  • Pacejet Data Connector – We recommend you to use the Pacejet software for shipping commitment, freight quotes, print labels, and populate orders.

There is no doubt that the cloud-based inventory management software offers a lot of options and features that can help your business move to the next level. By using this type of software you will be able not only to improve your inventory management but improve your overall business at the same time. You can maximize your profit, increase your sale, improve the relationship with your customers, and offer better service.

Here are some of the inventory management capabilities:

  • Keep a high-resolution and automatic “paper trail” of your activities and transactions.
  • Track your gages, tooling, and supply products with check-in or check-out and scanning to record exactly which tools produced which item and when.
  • Allow future analysis with downstream and upstream genealogy. It also includes very specific information about all of your inventory.
  • Streamline your shipping and receiving with the option – barcode scanning and capture the additional data at each point of production.
  • Split and merge all of your inventory while keeping accurate product traceability and genealogy – mixed supplier lots, coil slitting, heat and chemistry control, and etc.
  • Generate labels by using pre-formatted templates that are applied automatically and based on a destination.
  • Know exactly what you have in-house at any time – from work-in-process to receipt, shipment, and much more.

Using cloud-based inventory management system is probably the best thing you can do for your business. Transform your business and get that software today!

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